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Lesson Approach

Singing with your authentic voice and style, discovering the possibilities of your voice, singing freely with inspiration without blockages, that's what the lessons are about.
The first lesson is an introductory lesson, to see if that is what you are looking for, in this lesson you sing a song that you like, for me it is to see how you sing, how you use your voice and where your focus is. It is not an audition, I teach to help you with your voice and small or large ambitions in this. Because singing lessons at Vocalwise are for beginners and advanced.
Vocal technique is important there where your voice blocks and you can't reproduce what you want to sing your way. For example, skipping the voice at a certain height, you feel that you are singing with too much pressure, that you can only sing to a certain height, you feel irritation in the vocal cords or tension in the jaw, you feel that you cannot make a volume on a effortless way, or that you just can't sing softly in an effortless way.
CVT techniques, these methods have been developed to get the maximum power out of your voice. In technical development it is important that your own authentic sound is preserved.
Vocalwise offers the possibility to learn to play the piano or guitar in combination with the singing lessons. This is to expand your musicality and knowledge. For singer/songwriters I can be a sounding board to vent and thus help you give a musical direction.
Singing lessons are also for people who only dare to sing at home alone. Through targeted exercises, that fear of singing for others can become manageable.




Twice a year we organise the Vocalwise Sessions on various locations within The Hague, with podium and amplified sound. The students will perform with professional guitar- and pianoaccompaniment in front of our own public.
In addition to the regular lessons, free group lessons are offered several times a year in which we rehearse a polyphonic piece and sing to each other. Vocalwise also organizes drinks with students for fun and to inspire each other in the field of music.

Who teaches you?

The singing lessons at Vocalwise are performed by Petra Appelman. Petra finished het study at the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague as master in music, majoring in singing with didactic competence.
As a child she was fascinated by the music and the intensity of the voice. This has never changed, music and singing are a total passion in any form. At a very young age, glued to the radio, she spent a lot of time listening to music with the tape recorder in record mode.
Being able to disappear into the music in total surrender, attunement and refinement in contact with yourself and the audience is a special experience, so that music remains an inexhaustible source.
For five years she toured with music theater group Gajes and played at well-known festivals at home and abroad, including the Wintercity Festival in Toronto. Together with the other musicians she wrote the music for these performances.
Because in addition to being a singing teacher, Petra is also a singer and a singer-songwriter. In 2012, Petra did a small theater tour with her own songs, at the moment she is writing new songs.
For the complete resume take a look at:

The deep breathing morning sessions

Breathing, meditation, sound, stretching

Breathing is a concept that is experienced in different ways on a personal level. Every person has developed and learned his/her own breathing pattern in his/her life. By carefully observing the breathing process, we gain insight into the way we breathe. The goal is to connect with your calm core through insight, guided meditation, voice / sound exercises, relaxation exercises. Each group has 5 participants, I work from contact and trust. 120,- per month including VAT.
In a group of 5 persons on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays From 7.30 to 8.15 From 8.15 to 9.00 45 minutes
Private breathing sessions, guided meditation, making sound, stretching 45 minutes 75 euros including VAT Also possible online

Lesson Offer

Lesson Package A
Singing Lesson

€ 35,-

1x per week
30 minutes of lessons

Lesson Package B
Singing Lesson

€ 45,-

1x per two weeks
45 minutes of lessons

Lesson Package C

€ 45,-

1x per week
45 minutes of lessons
The introductory lesson is free if you decide to take lessons at VocalWise. Otherwise the cost is 30 euros.
The prices include 21% VAT. A course of at least three months upon registration is binding. Age from 20 years. Singing lessons at Vocalwise?

Singing lessons at Vocalwise?

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